Online research and booking hotels

It's always hard to know where to live when planning a vacation: How do you choose a hotel in an urban area that you have never been to before? Living in the right place is a key part of your travel; having a comfortable environment and location is essential for holidaymakers and business travellers.

There are many websites that offer online travel advice, and it's hard to know where to start! But the next time you want to search for a hotel, be sure to check out the following:


Wikitravel is a starting point for any traveler. The site provides information from a traveler's perspective and provides useful advice on eating and doing in any particular area. Larger cities are divided into smaller areas, and when choosing the area you want to stay in, you can choose the hotel that suits your style and budget.


Expedia has over 80,000 accommodations worldwide – a wide range of options that can help you narrow your search and find the right accommodation. It's worth remembering that choosing a hotel by price alone is not a good idea. Hotels far from attractions and amenities are usually the cheapest, but since location is a very important factor for any holiday, it may take a little more time to get in place. With the convenient map feature on expedia, you can see the exact location of available rooms, making it easy to price.


Venere allows you to filter your search results so that you can find the hotel that suits you best. Filters include budget, accommodation type and star rating, although usually photos can better indicate the price of the hotel. When reviewing photos of the room, recent reviews of the hotel are worth cross-checking to ensure that the photo is not only the most recent photo, but also the real representative of the room you will receive upon arrival.

TripAdvisor [19659002] One of the best places to find customer reviews online is TripAdvisor, with over 75 million comments, tips and comments from a wide range of travelers from around the world. TripAdvisor offers travelers the opportunity to rate hotels, share photos and videos, and socialize with other travelers. is the leading online travel agency that attracts over 30 million unique visitors each month. The site offers more than 253,441 hotels in 178 countries to help travelers explore the best places to stay. The website is aimed at business and leisure travellers. The hotel is rated according to user reviews and is divided into comfort, location, value for money and other categories. The hotel can also be screened according to the type of person leaving the review – for example a family with children, a solo traveler or a large group.

When booking a hotel of your choice, you may think that the online travel agency offers the best price, but this is not the case. There are many advantages to booking directly with the hotel:

– You can find exclusive promotions not available on the travel agency website

– Some hotels offer frequent flyers and frequent flyer miles

– The hotel offers guest recognition, which means if you Stayed at the hotel before

the hotel already knows what you like and dislike – there is a direct contact point at the hotel that can be modified or cancelled more easily

– Booking verification is instant and no third party can confuse things.

So next time you are looking for a hotel, whether it's business or leisure, keep in mind that while online travel agencies and travel review sites can be a valuable source of information, more often than not, you're better off booking directly through the hotel.

Source by Harald Bindeus