7 Tips for Punta Cana Vacationers

Punta Cana is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. It is known for its elegant natural environment and elegant accommodation. It has become very popular for people in Canada, Europe and the United States. Thousands of people came to Punta Cana when they were cold in their country.

If you are considering a vacation to Punta Cana, I would like to pass 7 travel tips to make your stay more enjoyable:

If you can, avoid taking a taxi [19659002TherearenospecialmistakesintaxisinthePuntaCanaareabuttheratesmaybetoohighIncontrastthecostof$4to$5inSantoDomingo(thecapitaloftheDominicanRepublic)maycostyou$20to$40inPuntaCana!

In order to avoid taking a taxi, please try to negotiate with your travel agent for an airport transfer, whether it is a trip or a package deal – many are, if you are shopping, you should be able to find it. If you are visiting one of the parks or islands, be sure to ask the tour operator if you need to pick you up at your resort or hotel and bring you back – again, many people should be able to find this. You can also rent a reasonable car instead of a taxi. Many big car rentals are there: Avis, Budget, Eurocar, National and Prestige. If you have a serious budget, you can also take a bus called Guagua, which covers the entire Punta Cana coast and other areas. The bus runs every 15 to 30 minutes. If you need to travel to Santo Domingo, be sure to find the Bavaro Express.

How to find the whitest beach

The most coveted beach in the Dominican Republic seems to be a powdery white sand beach – the whiter the better in my people's book. Visitors love the beauty of these beaches and the smooth sands of their toes. However, not all “Puntakana” beaches are white.

What tourists often don't realize is that the place now known as the "Puntacana" coast of the Dominican Republic is about 38-39 miles. This is the entire east coast of the Dominican Republic. Along the way, the color of the sand varies greatly. Generally speaking, you go south and go sand and sand. The Punta Cana coast is shaped like an arrow pointing to the east. The place where the arrow reaches a certain point is called Macau. To the north of this point, the white sand began to become more golden. This may be very beautiful, but if you are a true lover of pure white sand, you may want to find a resort south of Macau or find a resort on the southeast coast.

How to pass the customs more easily

First, let me tell you some good news. Customs crossing Punta Cana Airport is much easier than Santo Domingo Airport or other Caribbean airports such as Cancun. However, with this statement, you can do some simple things to reduce the possibility of any trouble you encounter in customs.

When you arrive in Punta Cana, you will need to get a "Travel Card" for just $10, you can arrive at the airport before customs clearance. However, these can have a line, so if you want to speed up, you can try to include this in your package so you can get a travel card before you get off the plane. Customs officers may be a bit picky about anything that can be considered a "sharp object." Items such as needles and umbrellas can be considered “sharp objects” that may block you and may even be confiscated. Be sure to put these types of items in your checked baggage to avoid problems. Also, make sure all prescription drugs are clearly marked. The Dominican Republic strictly prohibits drug use, so you do not wish to ask the customs officers any reason. Another big "taboo: entering and going out are anything from plant material or animal parts. This may include hats made of coconut fiber, shells, fruits, wood carvings, etc… these items will be Confiscation, customs can be carried out through customs for a longer period of time. There are some exceptions, such as amber jewelry containing insect parts.

standing on the public beach

officially said that the Dominican Republic All the beaches are, however, many resorts like to set signs and patrols at the resort entrance as if they had a private beach.

When you walk on the beach, just know that you can walk any one if someone approaches you and In addition, you should politely stick to your ground. Just let them know that you only intend to pass.

Tips and gifts for locals tip

This is looking forward to your reminder waiting for the waitress. 5-10% is considered normal. Bartenders usually pay a fine of $1 per round, and if the drinks are more complicated, sometimes more. The maid is usually $2 to $5 per day, and the airport porter is $1 per pack. You are also expected to be guided by the tour guide. The tour guide usually costs $5 for a half-day tour and $5 to $10 for a full-day tour.

Stay for locals Gifts are also becoming more popular. Children are very popular with candy, toys and school supplies. They usually leave books, cosmetics and costume jewellery. It is best to check with the guides and hotel staff to find out which ones are the most The right and most needed items are carried as gifts. Remember, this is a “third world” country with emerging economies and has many needs.

Find a resort that meets your needs

Different resorts cater to different needs. Some resorts cater to families with children. Others are just “adults only” and serve couples looking for a romantic getaway without children. Many resorts in the Punta Cana area are Follow European customs. Some Americans like this, but some don't. If you don't, you must find a more suitable beauty.

You may wish to get a complete list of all the activities offered by the resort you are considering, as this usually helps you decide which one to choose. Some resorts offer children a better place. Activities – some are supervised and some are not. Some offer sailing, surfing, windsurfing, dancing, diving and other very desirable courses. Some people have activities such as horse riding and dune, while others do not. Some resorts are more Suitable for people with disabilities and other resorts with special needs

How to take a tour of Punta Cana

Most holiday packages include some travel opportunities away from the resort. Most are very simple, take a boat trip to the coral reef or take a catamaran to explore the island. However, the hotel tour is by no means the best adventure outside your resort. Local fishermen and other locals also often provide tourists with boats. These can indeed be hit or missed, and less often than not missed. You should also be aware that these locales are almost never licensed or bound, so if something happens, you will get stuck.

If you take an experienced tour operator and specialize in short trips, you will enjoy a richer and more memorable experience. Your short trips will also be safer. The highest-rated adventures are those that offer eco-exploration activities, and you can truly explore nature and culture with those who really care about and have a deep understanding and appreciation of the wildlife and people in the area. Take at least one of these types of excursions and compare them to the content offered by the resort. The difference will be obvious to you.

Source by Alexander Tilanus