The top holiday destination for British holidaymakers

It took a day to stay on the plane for 8 hours, but the distance of 2 hours was not warm enough or enough for me to feel that I was on vacation. So, I asked myself what is the best resort for us in London and the rest of the UK?

My ideal flight time is 4-5 hours, on the world map, there are a lot of warmth, luxury and easy destination during flight time. Awkwardly, travel companies such as Best at Travel, Kuoni, Virgin Holidays, Letsgo2 or Holiday Hypermarket have not considered this. You will eventually search these sites for hours on these sites and are in a highly confused state. After this, I decided to publish some research on those who face the same dilemma.

So, which are the best resorts for people coming from the UK?

This list will help you find your next vacation.

First of all, what do we British people like most about vacation? I searched some search records on Google and found the following:

Popular holiday destinations (number of visitors from the UK each year)

1. Spanish holidays Since Spain is our UK's most popular holiday destination, with more than one million searches per month, I have divided Spain into multiple regions to fully calculate its popularity.

  1. Mallorca Holiday – Mallorca or Mallorca is a paradise. I have been there myself. With a vibrant nightlife and stunning scenery and beaches, this is the largest island in Spain on the island's top Spanish vacation list, with more than 300,000 monthly searches in Mallorca alone. If you are looking for a meeting place or have the chance to be surrounded by nature, Mallorca is your best choice.
  2. Tenerife Holiday – Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic. Located near the African coast of Morocco, this Spanish territory is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As they say, there is no end to spring, and Tenerife is the highest point in Spain, with the Mount Teide volcano. The annual average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, which is considered by many to be the best temperature in the world. Search online 320,000 times a month.
  3. Gran Canaria Holidays – Gran Canaria is also one of the seven Canary Islands, the second largest and second largest population after Tenerife. Gran Canaria has volcanic rocks that offer a unique natural experience with crack vents, different soils and vegetation. Gran Canaria is known for its family vacations and features a fully equipped resort. Search 180,000 times a month.
  4. Ibiza Holiday – Ibiza is a beautiful Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea and has been popular as a top resort for the past 35 years. What makes Ibiza unique is the stretch of coastline, living and seclusion. In all the holidays in Spain, Ibiza Town will provide you with a lively nightlife. For those seeking peace and tranquility, there are many resorts surrounded by nature and tranquility. 135,000 searches per month.
  5. Other notable Spanish holiday destinations – 100,000 Britons in Benidorm are looking for vacation packages, the fifth most popular resort in Spain, followed by 60,000 searches on the Costa del Sol and Lanzarote (Another beautiful Canary Islands)) There are 55,000 searches. Recommended – Spanish Holidays

If you have not experienced a Spanish holiday, then you have not spent the best vacation. There are 2.5 million British holidaymakers a year in Mallorca alone, setting a record high in 2008.

2. Cyprus Holidays – Cyprus is our second largest holiday destination for the British. On average, we have 400,000 people searching online for Cyprus holidays every month. Yes! Every month! No wonder I have been to Cyprus twice. In Cyprus, the most popular attractions are Limassol and Paphos-Paphos, full of ancient ruins, located in the southwestern part of Cyprus in the 4th century BC, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Limassol is the capital of southern Cyprus and a popular shopping destination.

3. Turkish holidays – Google alone has nearly 400,000 searches, and Turkey is the third most visited holiday destination for holidaymakers in the UK. This former Ottoman Empire has a taste of Asia in Europe, and Turkey is a top resort where you can find snowy mountains and sunny beaches for hours. Istanbul, the largest city, is our favorite place to live a life on the Sudan and have a relaxing day.

4. Greek holidays – Close to Turkey, Greek holidays are very popular British. We search less than 400,000 online searches per month, and we love Greece, especially Crete. Legend has it that Crete was born in the Greek god Zeus and is the resting place of the Greek gods. Crete is the southernmost island of Greece and is the meeting point of Africa, Asia and Europe. If you are looking for a busy resort resort, Greece is the ideal place for you, not for British holidaymakers, but there are a large number of visitors from all over the world.

5. Egypt Holidays – Entering Africa – Egypt is our fifth most visited resort and the best resort in Africa. There are 320,000 searches per month and our British often travel to Egypt during the winter. The crystal clear waters of the Nile, 5000% of the 5,000-year-old history, tourist attractions such as the Pyramids, and the cities of Sharm el-Sheikh (Peace City) surrounded by the Red Sea and Mount Sinai are the primary destinations for Egypt to become a top resort. I have been to Egypt twice and I fell in love with that place. People are very friendly and coming soon.

6. American holiday

  1. Las Vegas Holidays – I imagine the United States is much higher on our list of top resorts, but the lack of long-haul travel and natural beauty is the two main reasons why most people visit the United States for progress. Not a natural place that has not been touched. Las Vegas is one of the top resorts in the United States. The most popular casinos, gambling and high-end lifestyle cities attract a large number of Britons every year.
  2. Downtown New York – The world capital is centered on everything it knows. The list of tourist attractions is longer than London's, if you want to escape, please note that you will fall back into the crazy impulse. If you don't see the Statue of Liberty or Madison Square Garden, New York is a great weekend or short holiday destination.
  3. Florida Holidays – America's Sunshine State – Fun won't end at any time in Florida. Florida has the world's three best amusement parks – Disneyland, Sea World and Universal Studios – and is the world's largest entertainment capital. A great place for a family holiday.
  4. 7. Italian holidays – Italy searches 240,000 times a month and Italy ranks 6th. Italy is made up of two islands – Sicily and Sardinia. The Italian mainland is a place for holidaymakers looking for the history of the Roman Empire, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum and Rome. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia or Sardinia is a top resort known for its natural beauty and beaches.

    8. Caribbean Holidays – The Caribbean Islands are American holiday destinations (because of the proximity and short flights), but Europeans are not far behind. In the UK, there are a total of 200,000 searches per month, and the Caribbean is a fast-growing holiday destination among us. The Caribbean refers to the Caribbean Sea, the islands of the sea and the nearby coastal areas. The most popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean are Antigua Holidays, Saint Lucia Holidays, Jamaica Holidays, Cuban Holidays and Barbados Holidays. Located between North and South America, the Caribbean is known for its holidays – from golf to skydiving, food to clubbing, and nothing in the Caribbean. That was when the UK was frozen! No wonder, in recent media reports, Caribbean holidays are more busy than ever.

    9. Malta Holidays – Back in Europe, Malta is a gorgeous island with English connections. After gaining independence from the UK in 1964, Malta developed into a top resort. With the widespread use of English, the British do not encounter language barriers and holidays are more interesting. This Mediterranean island country offers some unique features such as fishing village, Byzantine, Arabian, Phoenician and St. John's knight culture, architecture and cuisine. Search 160,000 times per month

    10. Dubai Holidays – the world's tallest man-made structure, the world's first underwater restaurant, the world's first palm house, the world's longest shopping center, the world's first indoor ski system and the world's tallest tennis court These are the tip of the iceberg. Dubai – The world's number one city opens its doors to the new world, and we all visit a large number of worlds. Today, Dubai is a top resort in the Middle East. Dubai has 150,000 people searching for Dubai holidays every month and stands out among the 7 emirates in the UAE. With the desert, beaches and mountains available, sunny holidays won't get better.

    11. Maldives Vacation – A paradise island, affectionately known as the 1,200 fascinating Maldives Islands, offering crystal clear waters and desert beaches in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With 80 self-sufficient islands and resorts, you will never lack the natural beauty, tranquility and tranquility. The top-notch “away from everything” holiday destination in Maldives will not disappoint you. There are 120,000 curious British holidaymakers on vacation in the Maldives every month.

    12. Goa holidays – Further East, Goa is a favorite Indian holiday resort for British holidaymakers. As churches and temples coexist in the city, they call it “tropical paradise” and you'll find miles of beautiful palm-tree beaches and acres of windy sandfields. In addition to the ancient fortress, wide roads and motorcycle rentals, there is its charm. The Portuguese were defeated by Goa in 1961 by the Indian army. Since then, Goa has grown into the most popular holiday destination in India. With offshore casinos, British residents and rock music culture on Saturday markets, Goa will bring you unforgettable memories. Or like many others, you may end up longer than you think. 100,000 searches.

    13. Thailand Holiday – From India to the east, welcome to Thailand. The best time to visit is from June to October. The capital of Thailand – some of the world's five-star hotels in Bangkok are known for their hospitality. Visit Thailand to participate in an accelerated course of cultural diversity and hospitality. 100,000 searches.

    14. Australian Holidays – Melbourne is 22 hours and 30 minutes from London. You better not plan to go to Australia on weekends. As a beautiful country that holidaymakers love, Australia ranks only 20th on this list, just because of its distance from the UK. Australia has everything from coral beaches, skyscrapers, nightlife, peace and tranquility, to high standards of living, extreme sports – your name. This is a great place for a long vacation. I think Australia is one of my most popular holiday destinations and a must-see. Make sure you spend at least a few weeks fully enjoying Australia.

    15. Mauritius holidays – they say that the beauty of Mauritius is the people. Mauritius has clear waters, white sand beaches and year-round vacations, and is Spain in Asia. Visitors from India, China, Japan and other Far East countries are bustling with traditional dances, customs and delicious seafood all year round in Mauritius. Close to the African continent, in the summer, Mauritius may be very hot and humid, so the best time to visit is from July to September (their winter). With the history of the UK and France, you will not face many language problems at this Indian Ocean holiday destination. 70,000 searches.

    16. Bali – Bali's small and perfect Indonesian island is the center of all activities and one of Indonesia's most popular holiday destinations. Visit Bali's white sand beaches, awesome cliffs, nightlife and sneak into a truly multicultural environment. 35,000 Bali holiday searches per month.

    17. South African holidays – Wildlife plays an important role when you mention vacations in any part of Africa, and South Africa is no exception. South Africa is the best holiday destination for British connections with British colonies in the UK. Among them, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban offer the best natural landscapes and beaches. Search 30,000 times a month.

    18. Hong Kong holidays – A few years ago, Hong Kong was a British territory. Hong Kong is now part of China and the most happening place in the Far East. This major Buddhist city is a striking example of the success of capitalism, offering towering hotels, one of the world's most modern luxury goods and one of Hong Kong's most popular holiday destinations. For some peace, you can head to the Saigon Peninsula. 27,000 searches per month.

    Still not sure where to go? If you don't mind where to go and you are more focused on that kind of vacation, you may end up saving a lot of money. When booking a holiday, my best bet is to call one of my favorite agents – Best at Travel or Directline Holidays, just talk to a consultant about the cheaper season. I always find Best at Travel and Directline to save me money.

    Try to find a cruise, luxury vacation, spa vacation, hunting or honeymoon. This will help you check the package and make your decision easier.

    Still unclear, or have problems, post it as the comment below. One of my readers will help you. Happy holiday.

    Source by Arjun Sandhu