Why choose Kyrenia Northern Cyprus for your summer vacation?

When you sit next to the beautiful Venetian harbour and watch the boats on the clear waters of the Mediterranean, you will be delighted to choose Kyrenia Holidays in Northern Cyprus!

Northern Cyprus is unspoiled facing the Mediterranean Sea, a country that is sunny for 300 days a year, and the local people are really happy to welcome you to their hometown. In Northern Cyprus, you can enjoy the tranquility of the beaches or mountains, ancient ruins or medieval castles, or enjoy the excitement of water sports, scuba diving and even paragliding. Choose Kyrenia as your base and you will live in one of the most beautiful towns in Northern Cyprus, an ideal base for exploring this charming and beautiful country.

Kyrenia, or the locals call it Girne, centered on the Venice Harbour, which is almost impossible to perfect. During the day, the cafe and restaurant waiter invites you to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and baklava, or take a leisurely seafood lunch and enjoy the fresh water of the harbour. After an afternoon of browsing the shops on the medieval streets, these shops are far from the harbour and into the old town, and you may want to come back here for a sumptuous dinner. Try Carob Restaurant, an old 19th century carob warehouse that has now been converted into an elegant restaurant. Dining on the rooftop terrace is an absolute necessity for romantics and sunset lovers!

Explore the streets and you will find local restaurants offering quality Turkish Cypriot menus at a lower price than what you find near the port. The owner of the famous Niazi restaurant in Kyrenia claims to have created a complete kebeb' this is a belly with a variety of charcoal grilled kebabs accompanied by accompaniment. Turkish Cypriots believe that people who are really hungry really want to eat kebabs at Niazi's!

Fortunately, Kyrenia is such a fun town, and you will soon be able to satisfy the appetite of all these dishes! Kyrenia Castle guards the harbour and its battleships are well worth climbing through its sturdy gates and ramps. The castle also boasts the fascinating Shipwreck Museum, which contains one of the oldest shipwrecks of all time. Climb up the hillside and away from the sea, you can call the Djafer Pasa Mosque built in 1570. Here you are really walking in history; at your feet, there are miles of catacombs on the ground, cut from limestone rocks

Shopping in the labyrinth behind the harbor is beneficial because you never Know what you will find! Northern Cyprus is known for its unique and historic lace, baskets and quality brandy. Worth visiting is Lusignan Art and Cafe Bar, where you can buy Cypriot woodcarvings from art galleries, or let your mother's mother make a refreshing lemonade on the franchise to quench their thirst.

Kyrenia is surrounded by the best beaches of North Cyprus, with golden sands deep into the shallow waters, perfect for sun lovers and water sports enthusiasts. From Kyrenia, you can easily explore some areas of Northern Cyprus. The most famous attraction. The hotel is just a short drive from the beautiful village of Bellapais with its famous Augustinian monastery, which is immortalized in the book "Bitter Lemons" by writer Lawrence Durrell. The village square is a great place to stop and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, but don't sit in the leisure tree for too long, otherwise you may never get up again!

Choosing Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus as your summer vacation, you will enjoy the best service offered by the Mediterranean without the hassle of other summer sun resorts, high cost or high-rise buildings!

Source by Izzet Zorlu