10 tips that will change the way you search on Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. But do you know that you can include special characters and words in your search to get better results? Try the following tips in your next Google search to get more accurate results.

01. Use quotation marks ("") to search for exact words or phrases
If you put your search terms in double quotation marks, Google will only use the exact phrase you put in quotation marks. For example, if you search for [古城波隆纳罗瓦 "Google搜索 results only include pages with the phrase 古城波隆纳鲁沃.

Or, if you start using this method, you can check your work by searching for some sentences on Google. If Google search produces some results, you will have an understanding of your writing.

02. Search for wildcards or unknown words (use * in quotes)
You can use asterisks (*) in quotes to specify variables or unknown words. Google will find that the results of these pages are related to the rhythm of the asterisk.

This is useful if you are trying to find a specific phrase but don't remember some of them. You can use an asterisk to replace words you don't remember, and Google will find the missing words.

In addition, you can improve your writing skills by searching for words in sentences using a combination of asterisks and quotation marks on Google.

03. Use the minus sign ( – ) to exclude results that contain a specific keyword
If you want to exclude results that contain a specific keyword, you can add a minus sign ( – ) before the keyword. For example, if you want to search for "what is the Internet" and you don't want the result to be "Wikipedia", you can search;
What is internet-Wikipedia

04. Search within a specific website
If you want to search for certain content on a particular website, please put " site:" in front of the website or domain name. For example, you can search;

"The ancient city of Polonnaruwa" website: slplaces.com

05. Restricted time period
Using Google Search, you can specify the expected time period for your search results. After running the search, click on "Tools" (below the search bar) and a new menu will appear below. Select/define the appropriate time period from the "Any Time" drop-down menu.

06. Search for file type
If you want to search for a specific file type, use the " filetype:" command to add it to the end of the search. For example, if you want to search for "excel for beginners" and you want to get results with PDF; you can search;

"excel for beginners" file type: PDF

07. Search for related sites
You can search for sites that are similar to your site by placing "related:" in front of your known domain. For example; you can search for a site similar to "tripadvisor.com" as shown below;

related: tripadvisor.com

08. Translate words and phrases into different languages ​​
You can use Google Search to translate words and phrases into different languages. For example, you can translate the word "wildcard" into Sinhala by searching as follows;

Translate the wildcard into Sinhala

09. Units and currency conversion
You can use Google to search for units and currency conversions. For example; the search term 15USD to LKR will replace 15USD with the Sri Lankan Rupee. To convert 15 feet into meters, use 15 feet to meters.

10. Search in the title
If you place "intitle:" before the search query, Google will present a title page with the title after "intitle:".

If you use "allintitle:", Google will render the page using all subsequent terms.

For example;

intitle: WordPress CMS uses the term "WordPress" in the title

to render the page allintitle: WordPress CMS uses the terms "WordPress" and "CMS" to render the page in the title

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Tasting holiday waters in Tulsa

Located in the green, vast metropolis along the scenic Arkansas River, Tulsa is particularly attractive in all Oklahoma cities. This is a hospitable area, an epic story and a breathtaking landscape, it is an ultimate holiday destination. In addition to the normal tourist tours you might want to consider, how to promote new knowledge horizons and understand different cultures? This is exactly what Tulsa is helping you with because of its rich ethnic diversity and equally wealthy traditions. It is easy to come to this beautiful city, just take a cheap flight to Tulsa and you will find too much through the online air travel portal.

Tulsa is the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation through urban cuisine, hiking through nature, exploring Native American heritage and experiencing outdoor activities. You will always come across some sort of way to cheer you up and find ways to soak in the tranquil atmosphere of the city. The city is a haven for the comfort and cosmopolitan style of the South, opening up a variety of fascinating sights to meet the needs of one and everyone. See big and small creatures at the Tulsa Zoo, play with the kids, from the historic wooden roller coaster to other thrilling rides at the Bears Amusement Park, or enjoy life at the Big Splash Waterpark in Tulsa Continue to click on the carnival to capture the spectacular sights offered by the Art Deco treasures, or to soak in the various events and festivals of the various performing arts venues in the rock city.

In addition to being important in all intellectual and creative stimuli, the city is not understated in terms of leisure pathways and activities. In the gleaming casino gambling, indulge in a world-class spa, play a few golf balls under the clear blue sky, or book a guided tour with a guided tour to take you to the city's famous landmarks and neighbouring communities. You will love the place you love outside the metropolis. Tulsa appeals to all travelers, whether or not they have a large holiday budget, due to the wide range and variety of cheap options and options. Always visit anytime, you can book a room at a cheap hotel, sample local cuisine at a minority restaurant, enjoy a sit-down meal at a premium restaurant during Happy Hour, enjoy discounts on souvenir shopping, and enjoy sightseeing and city exploration. Promotions.

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Local SEO Tips

Search engine marketing requires new local search engine optimization features to get better Google, Yahoo and Bing results. Search marketing optimization services have changed the priority, and Google's local local search optimization has led to the loss of many previous first page sites. This local marketing opportunity means that search marketing can be achieved by using more effective local search engine optimization, allowing for fewer ranked sites on many page results. Google Local Search Engine Marketing prioritizes local optimization and address optimization sites. If your business is closer to a pointer to Google Maps, it could mean a higher ranking for your site. Social media marketing, catalog, review results. Below is an example of a local search index, a local social media site.

  1. Yelp
  2. CitySearch
  3. InsiderPages
  4. YahooLocal
  5. DealerRater
  6. JudysBook
  7. TripAdvisor
  8. Edmunds
  9. Zagats .COM
  10. OpenTable

in addition

  1. UrbanSpoon
  2. DemandForce
  3. Gegen
  4. Yellowbot
  5. CityVoter
  6. DexKnows
  7. Super Page
  8. MenuPages
  9. LilaGuide [19659003] Vitals.com

Search Engine Marketing is based on Link structure or link popularity, links from external sources. Local search engine marketing now relies more on local social media links to rank websites and local social media. Social media marketing can take advantage of Facebook locations, Google Maps, Google Maps and Twitter to launch local Twitter for local marketing. What is the best SEO strategy? Search engine optimization and page keywords are the previous strategies, until recently the backlink is the main focus of search engine optimization services, and now a website says "plastic surgeon marketing company" or "lawyer search engine optimization company" can achieve the first page The result is a small amount of backlinks. Google will treat the local sites yelp, yahoo local and local lists, Google Maps and local social media marketing sites as the main links for local businesses. Plastic surgery, lawyers, lawyers, and law firms are all viable local business services that will benefit from local search engine optimization.

Local SEO is still the best website optimization keyword out of local search marketing needs. The SEO service will provide a local list as part of its service, but many will only provide the most obvious maps, Yahoo! Social media marketing and local search optimization have reached a level that is contrary to many SEO strategies. Search engine marketing or SEM is also a candidate for local search engine marketing strategies. Search engine marketing can ultimately provide potential customers for professional services, such as lawyers or doctors, or plastic surgeons. These services require local SEOs to log potential customers to the site and then continue to actually sell the service. how did you do that? Customer sales customers are a symbiotic strategy that involves service knowledge, reliability and pricing structures to attract customers to the best possible service.

If your service provides the best solution for your customers, sales will occur. What can be a simple internet search from potential customers seeking to say "best SEO companies" and find them on Google Maps, then check out SEO company reviews yelp or video tutorials on YouTube means customers last stop Probably the actual website however they are already interested in the SEO experience, the results and the swirl of the price. Local search for SEO is probably the most cost-effective local optimization. Only a few months ago, competing with huge budget SEO was a serious challenge. Outsourcing SEO has also changed because search engines can see local IP addresses, apparently non-US or US IP addresses. What does this mean for SEO? This means that SEO services from abroad cannot use local search marketing as before, which means that the social media used by outsourcing SEO cannot ease local indexing like the US. IP based can.

Search engine optimization in many big cities can adapt to local search optimization as well as social media marketing, video marketing, multimedia enhancements, not only to improve page rankings, but also to generate real customer conversions and sales on the Internet. Search optimization companies that do not offer video production, local search optimization and social media marketing services face the risk of leaving customers with local clues and brand awareness. Video marketing Facebook marketing and Twitter live updates all help to create user trust and awareness. Video production and information marketing strategies set the tone for creating authority in your field. Customers want to know who they are dealing with in important legal and medical services. Video can give customers a real sense of trust and brand awareness by choosing to "continue to watch" or "go ahead." It's like having a consultation without trouble.

If potential customers see your face, like them to hear the next contact will be a strong link. If potential customers think they don't like your face or manners at all, then you will waste your time consulting anyway. Searching for "Best SEO" search engine optimization services abound on the Internet, but considering the practicality, face-to-face customer trust and recommendation and the price structure of almost all services, we are the local search marketing, the most local optimization Good choice, social media marketing and SEO

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Hotel Tips – How to choose a good value hotel

Choosing the best value for money hotel

Hotel prices are always changing. With the rapid growth of the economy and the hospitality industry, prices and the choices and services offered are growing rapidly. Choose from a large number, which makes choosing the right hotel to provide you with complete comfort and great value for money. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hotel deals –

Online advance booking

Please book in advance to get the best price. Book online and search for discounts, and many agents offer discounts when shopping online.

Book online, don't forget to compare the categories you will be staying with and the different hotels in the city. With some great travel sites, it's very convenient to find hotels today based on their location, price and visitor's opinion.


Looking for the star rating of the hotel; they give hotels according to various parameters, such as two-star rating to provide basic accommodation, and five-star hotels will be luxury and expensive hotels, they will provide you with each Special facilities such as different types of suites, spa, swimming pool, gym, higher staff to guest ratio, business meeting room, wireless internet, indoor multi-restaurant.

Cheap Trap

Don't always be a good choice because the cheapest option. It's just a marketing strategy that makes things look tempting. Pay some – more, search more, and have a good experience.


Always remember to explore different areas of the town, as different areas will have different prices and will meet different needs, for example, if you are looking for a cheap and luxurious hotel accommodation in order to The interesting travel hotel's main city suburbs will prove to be a good choice for business travellers who will prefer a hotel close to the city centre.

Brand Name

When you want to get 3 or 5 stars, it is always a good strategy to use the brand name you trust. It will definitely bring you a good experience, because the brand hotel's things are standardized, you can have confidence in your choice.

Before summing up, the hotel should check – hotel popularity, room availability, distance, location, price, security and other services.

Source by Sudhanshu Kumar Kapoor

New Mexico Travel

The trip to New Mexico may be a very fascinating and fascinating experience. The state is diverse and offers a unique travel experience, offering a rich cultural and traditional place as well as stunning natural beauty and charm. Travel can include cycling through the beautiful places of the Kit Carson National Forest or the Rio Grande Canyon.

The journeys of cities such as Santa Fe and Taos not only provide visitors with a rich cultural heritage, but also satisfy their adventurous spirit. . Although the former city is famous for its art, literature, music and desert, the latter is known for its world-class ski resorts. The rare opportunity to watch George O' Keefe and R.C Gorman's work in Santa Fe made the whole experience unforgettable. Traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico is ideal for indulging in horse racing, visiting historic towns, national monuments, tram tracks and participating in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which is the largest and the same. One. world.

Traveling to New Mexico also ensures access to diverse Spanish, Mexican and local cultures. Similarly, Las Vegas has more than 900 historic buildings and is a paradise for travelers. In the northwestern part of New Mexico, it is the Aztec ruins. If you don't visit Carlsbad's National Park, known as Carlsbad Caverns National Park and the Lincoln National Forest in Ruidoso, the journey to New Mexico is incomplete. Cloudcroft is the perfect place for cross-country skating. In the southwestern part of New Mexico, Deming, Las Cruces and Silver City and its famous Gila National Forest are the places to visit. New Mexico offers a unique combination of old, new and classic and modern lifestyles that are a paradise for tourists. Planned holidays make travel more enjoyable and rewarding.

Source by Max Bellamy

How to turn your house into a vacation rental

Turning your house into a vacation rental may seem overwhelming at first… but it is not. This is a process you can really enjoy and have fun! I have set up dozens and dozens of vacation rental homes for my client's property and my own house. I understand everything that is involved and required from all aspects, from ensuring that the property meets the rules and regulations of the government agency to ensuring that it has all the necessities required by most guests. I am committed to ensuring that my clients continue to succeed in vacation rental companies, and I often find myself acting as a vacation rental consultant, 'mainly referring to the government agency and code compliance required to meet current industry standards, quality Guaranteed and ongoing property maintenance.

Therefore, with this in mind, when you decide to use your house as a vacation home for travelers, it is important to start from the ground up. In this article, I will provide you with the five most important steps to ensure that your vacation rental is successful. As you read this article, I suggest you consider the fact that your house is located in a unique town or city. This article is a general guide, which is essential for you to understand local community emotions and rules. Provisions for short-term leases. Always remember that your house is a private property, it is not a hotel, preparing your house and managing it as a tourist vacation rental accommodation must be done carefully and thoughtfully.

1 – Laws, Regulations, Rules and Regulations

The first thing you need to do is to educate yourself about the local city, county and state laws, laws and regulations, and regulations that are unique to you. The community residential area offers your home as a vacation rental. Please don't just assume that because it is your property, you can use it to do whatever you want. Also, don't spend a lot of effort and expense on setting up your home as a tourist lease until you rule out laws that might prevent you from doing so. Many local and state government agencies have clear rules that set your home as a vacation rental as a business, and it may be subject to some degree of city, county, and/or state license. Many regulatory agencies also require legal rental of your home as a short-term lease, and you must levy local and state taxes on visitors who rent your property.

A quick search in vacation rental news shows that as short-term leases become more popular, many communities have licensing restrictions and very specific rules and regulations regarding short-term rental housing. Call your local town or city office and contact the appropriate licensing department to answer your specific questions. Identify the specific licenses and/or tax numbers needed to legally rent a home and get them. I strongly encourage you to seek assistance from an established licensed local rental agent that can help you understand and comply with the licensing and tax requirements required for your community.

2 – Your neighbor and your neighbor

Now that you have determined that it is legal to rent your home as a vacation rental, and you have obtained the appropriate license and tax ID, It is time to consider the community in which the rental house is located. This may seem stupid, many people have an understanding of this important step, but believe me, you can save the big headaches and fight with your neighbors by actively dealing with this problem. Almost all articles about communities that resist or attempt to limit vacation rentals point to the same neighbor problem: noisy tourists hold large gatherings, tourists get parking from local residents, and tourists are not careful about garbage.

During my vacation rental business, I have seen several neighbor quarrels involving code execution, police and even expensive legal proceedings. Most of these problems can be avoided with common common sense and considerations. Find out who your neighbors are and try to communicate with them and decide if they will refuse to rent the house to the visitor.

Once you start renting your house to vacationers, you need to promise to choose the person you rent. It is important to talk to them and determine if they are right for you. For your neighbors. Ask them directly what they are going to do when they rent a vacation. For example, if you find that potential guests plan to rent your house for a wedding party or birthday party, consider the impact on your neighbors and whether they are acceptable. Some of the properties I manage are located in blocks, and can only tolerate very quiet couples. Other homes are set up to accept larger groups, and the neighbors are very clear about this and understand the rules. Know your community and build your own “House Rules” ' Your travel tenants must agree to comply.

The biggest complaint of most neighbors living next to the holiday home is noise. Some neighbors are more sensitive to noise. Compared to others, you need to know if your neighbors plan to call the police whenever a group of vacationers sit by the pool listening to music. Provide a phone number to the neighbors who live next to your rental and ask them to call you directly if there is a noise problem. When you have a problem, please call the guest and let them calm down. Since you rent your home to a visitor, it is your responsibility to ensure that the guests you bring into the rental home respect the local community.

3 – Provide vacation rental service for your house

If you have never done it before, then decorating your house may make you feel awkward. Below is a very detailed list of the basic household items you need to provide. This includes recommendations for bed configuration, kitchen essentials, soft items and household items. Your guests will look for the basic comfort that most of us seek in our daily lives.

Like to set up your house for tourists – and strive to strike a balance between good and economic. If you are competing to attract higher-end topics. If you are a guest at home, customers can add some nice features and content. ['Youdon'tneedtobuyallnewitemsbutpleasedon'tuserubbishoryourhousewillstarttolooklikeanunattractivegaragesaleAddsomeinterestingartworkwallmirrorsartificialplantsandsomenicenicknames-justbecarefulnottooverdoitoritmaystarttolookconfusingSomepersonalphotos(takenwithfriendsorfamily)aregreatforplacingonshelvesandremindinggueststhattheyareinsomeone'shousenotthehotel

Suggested Bed Layout

Your vacation rental property needs to be practical and user friendly & beautiful. I found the following general layout to meet the needs of most guests. As a general rule, avoid adding too many extra beds to your bedroom. You don't want to convey the message "The more the better." ' If your hotel has an office or study, adding a desk or setting up an office is a nice feature.

Try to make the best ' bedroom is the master bedroom. The most beautiful bedroom is usually determined by the view and features – such as an en suite bathroom, private deck, French doors to the pool or porch, or the largest bedroom if the hotel does not offer other unique features. If your property has multiple bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and/or views, then you are fortunate to have a property that can be marketed with multiple master bedrooms or suites… this is a great feature. This way, couples traveling together don't have to be the best bedroom!

About the size of the bed: After nearly 20 years of operation and listening to the needs of the guests, the following layout is recommended. Today, it seems that most people sleep at home on king size beds, and many couples who stay on vacation rentals stick to a king size bed. For some couples, no king size bed can be a “transaction destroyer”. Because they are convinced they will not be able to sleep in a smaller bed with their partner. So, here is the basic advice guide…

  • Two-Bedroom House

Bedroom 1: Master Bedroom – Like a king size bed. If the room is too small, please use the Queen.

Bedroom 2: – Second bedroom – Queen or 2 twins. (I found 2 pairs of twins to be a better choice because they can be put together to make the king.)

  • Three-Bedroom House

Bedroom 1: Master Bedroom – Like a king size bed. If the room is too small, please use the Queen.

Bedroom 2: Second bedroom – Queen or King or 2 twins.

Bedroom 3: 3rd bedroom – 2 twin or Trund bed

  • Four-Bedroom House

Bedroom 1: Master bedroom – like king size bed, but if The queen is used when the room is too small.

Bedroom 2: Second bedroom – Queen or King

Bedroom 3: Third bedroom – Queen or King or 2 twins.

Bedroom 4: 4th bedroom – 2 double beds or Trond bed

Cookware and kitchen supplies guide

Basic cookware and kitchen supplies for your holiday rental kitchen. Buy a good set of cookware, as much quality as possible. It won't pay for it in the long run. Get the cheapest because it won't last, but there is no need to buy the best. Sometimes you can find a beautiful stainless steel suit in the box. Don't buy cheap aluminum products.

  • Stove Top Pans: provides basic 2, 4, 8 and 10 quarts.
  • Skilts : 7 and 10 inches
  • oven pan: glass baking tray: 9X13 and 8X8, covered baking tray (holiday dinner), biscuit slices, muffin cans, 1 pie Plate, 2 cake pans, 1 pizza pan.
  • Mixing bowl: 2 large: 8-10 quarts; 2 medium: 2 – 4 quarts; and 2 small: 1 – 2 quarts. These can be stainless steel or glass. These can also be used as a service bowl.
  • Cutter: Peeling, large vegetables, meat, bread and pencil sharpener.
  • Chef prepares the project: Colander, scraper (1 medium size, l large size), stirring spoon (1 large, 1 in), wire stirrer, can opener (a good manual one is the best ), plastic chopping boards (1 large and 1 small), measuring spoons, rolling pins, ladle, funnel and pliers.
  • small kitchen utensils: toaster, coffee maker (electric drip – Mr. Coffee Style), blender (good quality, can spin frozen drinks)
  • other kitchen supplies: 2 to 4 pot racks and Tripod, placed for complete table setting, 6 dishwashing towels, teapot (for soaking tea; not required but very good), bread basket, aluminum foil and cling film.
  • BBQ Grill:The cheapest gas grill. The plan is to change every few years.
  • Tableware and tableware: plate, soup / cereal bowl, small plate (8-10 service best for sleeping property 8), glasses (service 8-10), tableware (service) for 10 plus Meat fork), 6 to 8 serving spoons, 2 slotted spoons, coffee cup or coffee cup and sauce (10 servings), 2 to 3 serving bowls and plates hors d' oeuvres Or maybe a turkey or a barbecue. Bright and colorful bowls are great and also help to add a pop color to the kitchen.
  • Cleaning supplies (reserved property for guests): hand wash soap, dishwasher soap, degreaser, window cleaner, cleaning cloth, large 2 to 3 gallon plastic bucket, mop, 2 brooms (1 For interior and 1 or outside), 1 簸箕

Soft goods guide

For your vacation rentals, equipped with quality bedding, towels and curtains. Don't buy the cheapest soft goods. They won't last and you will probably receive a complaint. Guests are looking forward to quality towels and bed linen, and will write good reviews for poor quality items. You can save money by buying from discount stores and homeware stores.

  • Towel: 2 bedroom rental – 12 bath towels, 12 hand towels and 8 pieces of laundry; 3 bedroom rental – 14 bath towels, 14 towels, 14 laundry; 4 bedroom rental – 16 bath towels, 16 towels, 16 laundry
  • Sheets and pillowcases: 2 sets per bed. Get at least 400 sheets
  • Bedding Cover: Mattress covers are used for pillow protection pads for each mattress (these pillows are placed on the pillows in front of the pillowcase).
  • Bedding or bedspread: We took inspiration from high-end hotel rooms. At the time of this writing (2011), travellers like to use duvets (over-quilts) and/or mattalese bedspreads on the contemporary market. The bedspread must be cleanable.
  • Decoration and comfort items: throw pillow, 2 or 3 blanket throw, throw carpet, door mat
  • beach / pool towel – 2 per bedroom
  • curtain – beautiful Curtains and / or blinds

Entertainment and Internet services:

Flat TV: People look forward to the TV bedroom in the TV and the main living room / large room . I recommend placing a large TV set (36 inches minimum) in the living room and a small TV set in the bedroom (15 – 24 inches). For security reasons, small flat-panel TVs need to be installed on walls or offices.

Cable or satellite television: does not provide a pay per view. feature. It is too difficult to track these allegations.

Internet (DSL): WiFi routers are a desirable feature. Almost all tourists travel with laptops… if they don't have internet access, they will feel uneasy. Most renters require WiFi.

Stereo and C/D player: Most guests use the iPod to travel on the market today, but most people still expect some kind of music player. Should not be an expensive unit. It can be a large boom box type with a detachable speaker that should be large enough that people don't try to take it outside.

4 – Maintenance and housekeeping

Your vacation rental must be kept in good condition and remain flawless. Keep in mind that although your house is not a hotel, you can provide it as a vacation accommodation to travellers and guests will enjoy the maintenance and cleaning standards set by the good hotel. This is not a place to cut corners. If you do this, your house will soon appear in the travel log, such as Trip Advisor, Flip Key or a rental review site with negative comments. Bad comments about bad cleaning and maintenance, even if they are exacerbated by unscrupulous guests, can quickly insult your house and prevent future guests from renting it. You must commit to the cost of maintaining the quality standards of your home.

Most holiday rental companies charge a final cleaning fee to guests in advance to clean them when they leave. Guests expect and should arrive at a clean and tidy hotel. Set a cleaning fee to cover the cost of cleaning the house thoroughly each time you leave. Make sure you have enough time to clean the house, it is best to hire a good professional butler. Make sure to clean the carpet and furniture as needed. When your house is not rented, be sure to give it a deep cleansing. Replace with new towels and sheets if necessary, never make a bed or make up the bathroom with tired or dyed sheets or towels.

If your house has a porch or deck and outdoor furniture, they must be kept scrubbed, no mildew, and every guest staying fresh. Same as windows, patios, landscaping, swimming pools and jacuzzi – they must maintain quality standards or you will get a complaint.

This also applies to home maintenance issues. You need to hone your manual skills, make sure all the bulbs work, replace the filters, the internet works fine, the TV remote works normally, the toilet is flushing, the pool and jacuzzi heaters work fine. You also need to call on the phone to go to the hotel and provide minor repairs. Unless you live in the same town as your rental home, and you are absolutely committed to maintaining it and hiring a professional to do it for you. If you are unwilling or unable to do this, or are unable to respond quickly to any maintenance needs, I highly recommend that you hire a professional rental agency to provide these services. It can save you a lot of headaches and can save your rental house's reputation.

5 – Managing your property – Advertising, booking, rental contracts, bookkeeping

The final basic step in turning your house into a successful holiday home is to start advertising and make a reservation. Today, there are several large vacation rental advertising sites to choose from, with a huge database of available rental properties. Most of them are set up so you can post your own ad copy and download your own property photo. It is expected to pay more than $500 to be positioned online so that potential tenants can find your property. You can also use social media like Facebook and Twitter to promote your property.

If you decide to manage your property yourself, you must be fully committed to managing all aspects of the process. This means responding to emails and phone inquiries in a timely manner, maintaining availability calendars, talking to potential guests to determine if they are suitable for renting your home, writing and sending rental contracts to guests, collecting rental fees, collecting and paying for the required beds and/or Or sales tax, collect and reimburse margin (or determine the cost of damage), pay housekeepers and maintenance personnel, pay for utilities, keep licenses up-to-date, and usually remain on top of bookkeeping. There are several home-based booking management packages that can help you stay organized, but only if you're trying to keep your information up to date.

You can also hire a locally established rental agent to provide you with professional management and advertising services. Over the years, I have seen many people trying to advertise and manage their own vacation properties, and eventually found the process time consuming and daunting. If they live in the same town as the rental house, they will eventually spend all their “free time” (and then some) to run their property. If they live in different places, they will feel that it is too unmanageable to manage effectively from a distance. I highly recommend hiring a locally operated vacation rental company that understands the entire business and your community. Http://vacationhomesofkeywest.com

Cindy Rhoades

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Source by Cindy M. Rhoades

How sprouts and small hotels mitigate the impact of interest rate parity

Rate parity is a term that always warns hotel operators and may even become a barrier to growth for small and new players. Rate Parity is the consistent and same rate of the same room type across all distribution channels/reservation platforms, whether it is the hotel's own website or OTA, regardless of the commission earned by the OTA. The purpose of this approach is to create a flat playground for all players. When they sign an OTA, both the hotel and the OTA must agree to rate the parity specification.

Sometimes, this level of field makes it difficult for new players to compete in this fierce competition and smother them before they expand their wings.

How do hotels view rate parity?

The practice of interest rate parity to protect the interests of OTA, so that hotels can reduce website rates and reduce OTA.

Why is the hotel heavily dependent on OTA?

OTA provides a ready-made platform for any hotel to start booking on the first day of their online booking. They don't have to spend too much on marketing, they just need to negotiate better deals with the right OTA, and they can earn income. Hotels can easily view OTA commissions as marketing costs, but with a higher success rate. Therefore, the advantages offered by OTA for hotels have somewhat offset the disadvantages of hotel price parity.

What are the challenges of rate parity for emerging and small hotels?

In small and new hotels, every booking is crucial. It is very difficult to pay high commissions to OTA from already very thin profits. This is where direct booking can prove to be a change in the rules of the game. However, in the absence of promotions and price manipulation, obtaining direct bookings can be a daunting task. Many times, OTA will ask the hotel to keep them in circulation while conducting any promotions or discounts on their website. To prevent violations of the Rate Parity clause, small hotels sometimes exclude the entire room category from the OTA and sell it on their website at their own price.

Because OTA is known to lower prices, it is difficult for small hotels to compete with OTA for price. Negotiate prices by reducing commissions. We are not living in a perfect world!

This requires the hotel to check the prices of various OTAs in order to keep their prices competitive with them. When the OTA channel is not directly linked to the hotel's PMS system through the channel manager, the rate parity is even more difficult to manage. The hotel operator must then log in to multiple systems to update the rate. However, if the hotel uses hotel technology tools to manage all of this, it is easier and faster.

Few people think that in this case, small hotels are trapped between a rock and a hard ground. As the saying goes, from the beginning, they have no marketing budget to achieve the coverage provided by OTA. . On the other hand, it is difficult for them to pay large commissions to OTA. In addition, OTA brings them business. Therefore, the hotel hopes to promote more direct bookings. However, this course requires more money for marketing. They are in this vicious circle.

The following are some strategies that hotels can use to solve the interest rate parity challenge

Create bundles

By adding free parking, Wi-Fi , wine tasting, free breakfast, sightseeing, free shuttle and other benefits, hotels can increase their product prices in line with OTA prices. This approach can help them gain a clear advantage over OTA without violating the rate parity specification, because the same price hotel offers better deals than OTA.

Lower your rates to a limited audience.

Hotels can lower the price of age groups, categories, closed user groups (CUG) or mobile app users. Run an email promotion offer for CUG members or mobile app bookings. This can help them make reservations directly on their websites and mobile apps without violating the rate parity terms.

Loyalty Program and Customer Participation

Another way to improve direct booking is the loyalty program. In addition to saving OTA commissions, the loyalty program offers a number of benefits. Getting duplicate bookings from loyal customers is much cheaper than getting new customers. Most importantly, the hotel understands their choices and preferences so they can better serve them. This has spread a positive reputation for the brand and paved the way for more direct bookings.

Using a meta search engine

Meta search engines such as TripAdvisor and Trivago can be considered as saviors of small hotels. Small hotels can even be the first choice for the TripConnect list because it works for PPC models, not commissions like OTA. Meta search engines are very popular among consumers because they not only provide a comparison between different attributes, but also allow them to choose the cheapest channel to book a hotel. Since direct bookings are considered more reliable, consumers are often seen as using books directly.

User-friendly website and booking process

Direct booking hotel operators must ensure that they have the necessary infrastructure to trigger and promote direct booking – a comprehensive user A friendly website with a clear interface that provides all the necessary information without searching. In addition, hoteliers must ensure that the booking process is simple and cumbersome so that potential customers do not rebound. OTA has a clear advantage in this sector, but hotels have no choice but to compare their online infrastructure to OTA.

From the above discussion, we can assume that although the Rate Parity protocol can slow down the direct booking of any hotel; there are many factors that prove that OTA is in fact a good partner for the hotel. The hotel can use a variety of bypass strategies to alleviate the pessimism of interest rate parity, while enjoying a large number of OTA reservations

Source by Sudhir Kumar Singh

7 Tips for Punta Cana Vacationers

Punta Cana is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. It is known for its elegant natural environment and elegant accommodation. It has become very popular for people in Canada, Europe and the United States. Thousands of people came to Punta Cana when they were cold in their country.

If you are considering a vacation to Punta Cana, I would like to pass 7 travel tips to make your stay more enjoyable:

If you can, avoid taking a taxi [19659002TherearenospecialmistakesintaxisinthePuntaCanaareabuttheratesmaybetoohighIncontrastthecostof$4to$5inSantoDomingo(thecapitaloftheDominicanRepublic)maycostyou$20to$40inPuntaCana!

In order to avoid taking a taxi, please try to negotiate with your travel agent for an airport transfer, whether it is a trip or a package deal – many are, if you are shopping, you should be able to find it. If you are visiting one of the parks or islands, be sure to ask the tour operator if you need to pick you up at your resort or hotel and bring you back – again, many people should be able to find this. You can also rent a reasonable car instead of a taxi. Many big car rentals are there: Avis, Budget, Eurocar, National and Prestige. If you have a serious budget, you can also take a bus called Guagua, which covers the entire Punta Cana coast and other areas. The bus runs every 15 to 30 minutes. If you need to travel to Santo Domingo, be sure to find the Bavaro Express.

How to find the whitest beach

The most coveted beach in the Dominican Republic seems to be a powdery white sand beach – the whiter the better in my people's book. Visitors love the beauty of these beaches and the smooth sands of their toes. However, not all “Puntakana” beaches are white.

What tourists often don't realize is that the place now known as the "Puntacana" coast of the Dominican Republic is about 38-39 miles. This is the entire east coast of the Dominican Republic. Along the way, the color of the sand varies greatly. Generally speaking, you go south and go sand and sand. The Punta Cana coast is shaped like an arrow pointing to the east. The place where the arrow reaches a certain point is called Macau. To the north of this point, the white sand began to become more golden. This may be very beautiful, but if you are a true lover of pure white sand, you may want to find a resort south of Macau or find a resort on the southeast coast.

How to pass the customs more easily

First, let me tell you some good news. Customs crossing Punta Cana Airport is much easier than Santo Domingo Airport or other Caribbean airports such as Cancun. However, with this statement, you can do some simple things to reduce the possibility of any trouble you encounter in customs.

When you arrive in Punta Cana, you will need to get a "Travel Card" for just $10, you can arrive at the airport before customs clearance. However, these can have a line, so if you want to speed up, you can try to include this in your package so you can get a travel card before you get off the plane. Customs officers may be a bit picky about anything that can be considered a "sharp object." Items such as needles and umbrellas can be considered “sharp objects” that may block you and may even be confiscated. Be sure to put these types of items in your checked baggage to avoid problems. Also, make sure all prescription drugs are clearly marked. The Dominican Republic strictly prohibits drug use, so you do not wish to ask the customs officers any reason. Another big "taboo: entering and going out are anything from plant material or animal parts. This may include hats made of coconut fiber, shells, fruits, wood carvings, etc… these items will be Confiscation, customs can be carried out through customs for a longer period of time. There are some exceptions, such as amber jewelry containing insect parts.

standing on the public beach

officially said that the Dominican Republic All the beaches are, however, many resorts like to set signs and patrols at the resort entrance as if they had a private beach.

When you walk on the beach, just know that you can walk any one if someone approaches you and In addition, you should politely stick to your ground. Just let them know that you only intend to pass.

Tips and gifts for locals tip

This is looking forward to your reminder waiting for the waitress. 5-10% is considered normal. Bartenders usually pay a fine of $1 per round, and if the drinks are more complicated, sometimes more. The maid is usually $2 to $5 per day, and the airport porter is $1 per pack. You are also expected to be guided by the tour guide. The tour guide usually costs $5 for a half-day tour and $5 to $10 for a full-day tour.

Stay for locals Gifts are also becoming more popular. Children are very popular with candy, toys and school supplies. They usually leave books, cosmetics and costume jewellery. It is best to check with the guides and hotel staff to find out which ones are the most The right and most needed items are carried as gifts. Remember, this is a “third world” country with emerging economies and has many needs.

Find a resort that meets your needs

Different resorts cater to different needs. Some resorts cater to families with children. Others are just “adults only” and serve couples looking for a romantic getaway without children. Many resorts in the Punta Cana area are Follow European customs. Some Americans like this, but some don't. If you don't, you must find a more suitable beauty.

You may wish to get a complete list of all the activities offered by the resort you are considering, as this usually helps you decide which one to choose. Some resorts offer children a better place. Activities – some are supervised and some are not. Some offer sailing, surfing, windsurfing, dancing, diving and other very desirable courses. Some people have activities such as horse riding and dune, while others do not. Some resorts are more Suitable for people with disabilities and other resorts with special needs

How to take a tour of Punta Cana

Most holiday packages include some travel opportunities away from the resort. Most are very simple, take a boat trip to the coral reef or take a catamaran to explore the island. However, the hotel tour is by no means the best adventure outside your resort. Local fishermen and other locals also often provide tourists with boats. These can indeed be hit or missed, and less often than not missed. You should also be aware that these locales are almost never licensed or bound, so if something happens, you will get stuck.

If you take an experienced tour operator and specialize in short trips, you will enjoy a richer and more memorable experience. Your short trips will also be safer. The highest-rated adventures are those that offer eco-exploration activities, and you can truly explore nature and culture with those who really care about and have a deep understanding and appreciation of the wildlife and people in the area. Take at least one of these types of excursions and compare them to the content offered by the resort. The difference will be obvious to you.

Source by Alexander Tilanus

5 tips to avoid vacation rentals

We have all been there…

Winter has passed, it is very cold, and the days are turning at the beginning and end of the work. Is not fun. So, we start thinking or fantasizing on a hot summer day, the night seems endless, you can actually do something… well… let's see….work.

We need a rope to hold tightly, a bright spark looking forward. What are the benefits of spending summer vacation with my family? We searched for luxury hotels, motels, holiday apartments in a calm study, and then the listing attracted us. An amazing vacation rental is located in the area we want. So what do we say and investigate further. The vacation rental is dazzling, it's glamorous, it boasts stunning views of the sparkling beach and modern decor, you can say it – it has it. Wow! we say. The bet will cost a lot of money. So we hesitate to press the check price button. The price is flashing, we are rushing to do math and calculate, um, actually not too bad. The daily price per person is no more than the local RV park. Have you made a mistake? We send an email inquiry.

A few days later, the owner contacted us to provide usability, price and bank details so that we can pay the deposit. It's all very good, so let's move on and believe that we have had a great holiday for this family at a very high price. We sat down with a smug smile and were very satisfied with ourselves.

The holiday is coming. We loaded the family into the car and started driving. After six hours of fighting, we were tired of the road and other drivers. The family was tempered by being forced to sit in a car full of holiday requirements, and our partner was complaining about the migraine caused by the children often fighting. The destination cannot arrive very quickly.

Then we are there. The owner clearly provided us with a map. Of course, it's a bit rough, but you see, you drive the London Underground. How hard is it to find a holiday home? A partner who is about to have a migraine will navigate for you and give you a description of the wrong description. What do you mean to turn off the highway? The beach is also 10 km away. Ah, you comfort yourself and the vacation rental is promoted as private. A small road leading to the coast is part of the plan. The asphalt road became a gravel. After a few times, k became a narrow, winding road, similar to more goat tracks, inevitably leading to the car to be swallowed in a more impressive pothole. There are nervous sweat beads on the forehead. However, when your partner yells "It is like this!", your heart will be relieved.

You drive the car into the driveway and smash from the uneven bushes on the side of the car. ' Everything will be good ' You comfortably yell at yourself. The house appeared, a quaint wooden hut surrounded by fresh lawns and bushes. You stare at the heavy virgin forest around you. This may not be right. You grab the map and check it again; be sure your partner made a mistake. No errors.

You secretly look at your partner who is frozen in your face. As usual, your teenage daughter perfectly sums up the classic one of the casts! You can't be serious! I didn't stay in that junkyard! ' Even your son, an adventurous soul, seems to have lost the language.

Hopefully, you climb out of the car and believe that the beach and the stunning seascape are hidden. You haven't found them yet. You stand on the balcony and look at the ocean. A pale blue distance, far away. During this time, your partner is scanning the instructions provided by the owner about where to find the key. You all set out to pursue the key. Well, this view is not what you are looking for, but, hey, maybe the house will be better.

After ten minutes of unfinished search, you returned empty-handed. No key. Until now, you are losing it. You'll get the owner's contact details into your phone and be mentally ready to serve the owner, and you'll become even more frustrated when your call clicks on a voicemail. Resisting to leave some impulse to choose an explet, you need a short, concise message. Call me. just now. '

Convenient for your partner to discover ' an open door, step by step in your heart. For your comfort, the interior looks fine and better than expected. After careful inspection, you will find that the death of the flies and your daughter is very big. A big spider has a luxury net on the door frame. There is bread crumbs on the bench; the fat splashes on the baking tray and the oven is like an open fire oven. The mattress guards were polluted, and there was a lot of dust on the windowsill. There were some choices to hide from the cover and calm the horror. Your partner found a condom under the bed.

When you scream from the bathroom and let the whole family run to find a daughter staring at the pubic hair on the tile, you think you have finally fallen to the bottom. You admit defeat. Your family can't let you escape all of this.

After half an hour, every vacation accommodation website on the network used a small victory. The camper and park owner of the local RV park offers an additional $100 tent and bedding. ' Cheap ' You sarcasm, while lamenting the unreasonable damage to bank accounts and the exciting prospects of pursuing MIA owners' refunds.

Yes, we have all been there. So how do you avoid vacation rental plagiarism? Read these handy tips, and although you may not be able to avoid all the problems, you will definitely learn how to eliminate some of them.

1. Do your research. Then study it. When you find a property you like, Google will provide your name and address. Check out the other sites listed in the property and view different photos so you can see the real situation of the property. View the hotel on Google Maps. Is it close to the service claimed by the ad? Check the booking amount – If the property is booked regularly, the owner may have a good reputation.

2. Check the terms and conditions of the website you ordered. Whether their terms and conditions cover the various properties advertised, or a common set of website terms, indicates that everyone cares and is not responsible. Or is it the boss?

3. Check out other guests’ comments on the hotel. Check out reviews on Trip Advisor or check out property reviews under Google Places.

4. Pay attention to the payment. Read the cancellation and refund policy carefully. If you book on Easter or Christmas, it may be difficult to get a refund unless it is the real reason. Your reservation has been received by the owner for other bookings during the period and as one of its main income weeks – they will be hoping to get paid and will have terms and conditions to make up for this possibility.

5. Unless you know the owner of the vacation rental yourself, have booked the hotel before, or know someone owns it, it is worthwhile to pass the established vacation rental business. These properties are managed by experienced and qualified property management staff. If the standard settings are not met, they will be corrected. There will be a local office and staff, you can actually see and talk to them because vacation rentals are their business. You are their client and they are very eager to make sure you are well cared for.

Source by Linda M Clarke

How to get cheap hotels – Mid-range hotels at reasonable prices in Singapore and Malaysia

There are many hotels in Singapore and Malaysia. You can find high-end five-star hotels to very low-end 1 star hotels. There are also many mid-range budget hotels, and the quality is very acceptable. These types of accommodation are the best because they offer you excellent quality but at a very reasonable price. In most cases, you will not be able to stay at the hotel when you travel, so why pay for the hotel at such a high price? The most important factor is that the hotel is clean, decent and comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy a good night's rest. Here are some useful online resources for finding these mid-range hotels in Singapore and Malaysia.

Hotels dot com (Hotels.com)

The hotel offers a list of hotel prices worldwide, including Singapore and Malaysia. Many times, even some 4 to 5 star hotels in Singapore and Malaysia will find great deals. There will usually be last minute promotions and seasonal promotions, so you will need to come back often to check out these offers.


Hotel81 is Singapore's largest quality budget hotel chain. They are usually around S$100 (S$) per night and the interior is very decent and clean. In some of the newer Hotel81 stores, they are equipped with LCD TVs and wireless internet connections. In addition, you will find that most of the Hotel81 stores in Singapore are located near various attractions near the city centre.

Tune Hotels

Tune Hotels is one of the best hotel chains in Malaysia, owned by Asian Airlines, one of Southeast Asia's largest budget airlines. Their slogan describes the best: "a five-star bed with a 1-star price." This is an innovative way to save the customer and the hotel by simply buying the basic price of the room and adding any other items you need. So, for example, all you have to do is pay the basic price of the room, then you can top up additional items such as air conditioning, towels and other toiletries, and a wireless internet connection. This way, you can control what you need and then control the price. The room itself is very clean and very modern.

By looking at the offers and offers, you can find very cheap prices in very decent and clean hotels. By using some of these resources, this can help you easily save a lot of money for your next stay in hotels in Singapore and Malaysia.

Source by Alec Chan