Bangkok does not have Joiner Fee hotels – where to find them and other useful Bangkok hotel tips

If you plan to travel to Bangkok, Thailand to visit the crazy red light district, you will most likely bring a companion back to your room. Prior to this, please ensure that the hotel does not have a policy to join the fee. In short, the “Joiner Fee” is defined as a way for the hotel to earn some extra cash from you when you bring someone to your room for the night. The joinery fee is usually 500THB, but may be more depending on each hotel.

So if this is what you plan to do in Bangkok, then you must book a guest or girl friendly hotel. Guest friendliness is a more popular term because many hotel guests have different sexual orientations.

Customer-friendly hotels do not require their guests to pay the joinery fee, but for your safety, your companion must submit to the Thai Ministry of Defence. When your partner leaves, we will refund the insurance card.

On some Internet forums, there are some tips suggesting that you should book two rooms so you can prove that you have not paid for the join. Does it sound like it will work? Ok, if it's just that easy. Non-friendly hotels want to make more money. Because the demand for sex trade is so great, they will try to make extra money from you. The odds are already bad for you.

So, for example, you booked a two-night room at a non-friendly hotel in Bangkok and stayed for 5 nights. On the first night, you brought your companion back to your hotel. From now on, hotel security will carefully check you and your guests. A prostitute can be found at any time in a guard. Even if you growl, ecstasy and complain, until your face turns blue and you have booked two rooms, the hotel management will still ask you to pay the entrance fee. If you threaten to check out early… I wish you a refund for the rest of the room reservation. good luck. This is how Bangkok works. The hotel manager finally knows that you will give up. After all, they know that they are guests who will not send their companions.

The best way is to book a guest-friendly hotel to avoid the hassle of havingsle the junkwork fee. The guest friendly hotel is mainly located in the Sukhumvit area of ​​Bangkok. This is a tourist friendly location, which means there are many international restaurants and shopping venues around. In addition, Sukhumvit also includes two of Bangkok's most fashionable red light districts, such as Soi Cowboy and Nana.

Please remember that guest friendly hotels are very popular and in demand. Not only because they are friendly to girls, but because they are very affordable, the hotel property is well maintained and the service level is very high. Therefore, it is best to book in advance and be prepared to choose the second and third options to increase your chances of staying at a friendly hotel.