Select African Safari Travel Agency

Choosing a travel agency for your African wildlife park holiday is not always easy, because you have already thought of it. Trawling through endless comments, emails and itineraries can be annoying? Why is this done? ! ', but to help you, I will give you some of the best ways to find the right travel agency for you – without any unnecessary stress!

Step 1 – Where do you want to go, what do you want to do?

The first thing you should study is which country you want to go to, from which country park and nature reserve you most want to see. This may require quite a bit of investigation before getting results, but it's definitely worth your vacation once.

Once you know your preferred destination, you can research any additional activities you can take at the destination you want, such as horseback riding, hot air ballooning or hiking.

Step 2 – Create a list of tour operators

You can collect a list of tour operators by looking for suggestions in the travel forum, for example, even just browsing the internet and seeing which companies are compelling. There are many safari operators around, so you can easily choose.

Step 3 – Contact these travel agencies

Once you have a list of tour operators, you can start to contact them and make a corresponding judgment:

· What is the price of the tour itinerary / the quality of the package

· How quickly, useful and reliable the sales representative's response

· Past customer reviews on the company's driver / tour guide

Step 4 – Things to check before booking

Before booking, you should check Whether the travel agency you decide expects you to take a private trip. If not, this means that you may end up sharing a tour, which means your experience will be shared with a random group of other people, and you won't have full say or flexibility on your date and itinerary.

Travel consultants are a "win-win" for travelers and businesses

When I went to Disney for a vacation about 6 years ago, I remember using Trip Advisor for the first time. The site is cluttered and comments are not very helpful. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that when I started working at a hotel company in Destin, Florida, I didn't pay much attention to this site. I started to notice that more and more travelers tell us how they use Trip Advisor to find restaurants, restaurants and accommodation. They read reviews and accept suggestions from other travelers, as if they were best friends or family members. I didn't waste any time and started analyzing how Trip Advisor works, so I can bring more business to our hotel. After weeks of conversations with other hotels and reading articles from other internet marketing professionals, I came to a simple conclusion… If you provide superior value and service, Trip Advisor will only make your company Benefit!

Take the comments seriously and make adjustments based on the opinions of the customers. I have to agree that Trip Advisor has a good ranking method that allows travelers to find a good way to find hotspots in a particular area. TripAdvisor's high rating may mean hundreds of new customers and increased revenue! Most hotels are automatically listed, but if you notice your restaurant, hotel or attraction is not listed, then you need to register and create your list for the next hour or so (it is also free!) very important.

Once listed, make sure you do something to increase your popularity index (which will increase your ranking).

1) Post a TripAdvisor widget for your business listing on your website and any other web pages, including Facebook and myspace. This will bring traffic to your Trip Advisor page and increase your popularity index.

2) Let your customers evaluate your business. Don't write your own comments. Due to false comments, I saw a list of #1 to #20 in a week. Trip Advisor knows that the list is fake and they will punish your business for this.

3) Add images, videos and content to make your Trip Advisor page stand out. You want people to stay in your listing for as long as possible.

4) Don't be frustrated with bad reviews. No matter how good your business is, you won't have any perfect reviews! If you receive a negative comment, please be sure to respond as soon as possible. As a manager, you can write a response to any negative comments about your business.

3 tips for your trip or event

This article is for people who already have a TripAdvisor list and would like to know how to improve it quickly. I'm sure you've set it up, uploaded a photo of your trip or event, has the latest contact information, and maybe even a few comments. However, there are more steps you can take to actively promote your trip or event. Here are 3 tips for doing this:

Using widgets from TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor offers free widgets (basically, buttons that link to your profile). Usually, you put them on the home page of the site, but of course there are no clear rules. Put it on the page you visit the most (the most frequently viewed page when people log in on your site). Also be sure to place it on any online booking page to assure you of your reliability. If you are on a social media network, you can also put them there!

You can use these gadgets to query or link to comments and photos. There is also a work called "Certificate of Excellence" that shows how many stars you have.

Monitoring your comment

TripAdvisor is a great way to get real feedback from your customers. But sometimes, feedback may violate TripAdvisor's review guidelines (usually no). That's why you need to monitor your comments at any time – it's available to the public, and many travelers will see it! You can report violations directly to TripAdvisor and they will handle it for you. They have a strict fraud detection system to get rid of fake posts, but you need to remind them. The sooner the better!

If the post you see is definitely from a customer who is really dissatisfied, then you must definitely go back to them. You can reply to each comment as a management. You must handle it properly and communicate calmly. Remember, everyone is watching, you have the opportunity to turn this comment around to keep yourself in good shape – after all, no one wants you to be perfect. Have it (rather than digging your head in the sand) and tell them what you want to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Join their Spotlight Destination Program

The way to do this – you link to TripAdvisor from your home page, they give you a placement on their homepage, everyone is happy. But it is not open to anyone. You need to submit a query and they approve or reject it.

This app can't help you as a good backlink for SEO (which means it can't help you climb Google's search engine results page). It's just to increase traffic to your website.

Travel Consultant – Packing the suitcase – Holidays will not damage the bank!

Many people find it easier to have a good time when they don't run out of their bank accounts. Even if the economy is sluggish, people are becoming more aware of their own funds, and holiday plans will not be affected! There is no need to cancel a family vacation plan; you can enjoy a good family holiday without a loan or bankruptcy.


Returning to nature has long been a great fit for less expensive vacations. Because restaurants are expensive, camping allows you to pack your own food and just save it there. Parking a RV or setting up a tent at a campsite may be just a small part of a luxury hotel. Free activities such as swimming, fishing and campfires, without increasing the budget for the event.


Many people think that cruise ships are expensive and beyond their reach. On the contrary, if you go for a certain period of time, the cruise ship can be very cost-effective. The cruise offers free entertainment and food. One can choose a cabin without a lower fare view. Although smaller huts may be uncomfortable, there are many things to do on board, you just have to sleep. For low-cost families, you can enjoy a super holiday on the high seas.

Orlando, Florida

If a person is willing to participate in one or two sharing sessions, Orlando can be their place to go. If you can attend a sales meeting, things will be packaged together and usually include free theme park tickets. Hotels and rental cars in the area are often cheaper. Although the tickets for major theme parks are expensive, there are many ways to get quick discounts. Every child loves all the attractions of Disneyland and Orlando. Through some research, Orlando can be a cost-effective vacation solution.

Las Vegas

People may be surprised to see Las Vegas on the list. Las Vegas can actually be a great deal. The main goal of the hotel is to get one into their casino. Packages, including airline tickets, car rentals and hotels, are often difficult to beat. Dozens of economic buffets and attractions are just a few of the tricks for people to enter a gambling establishment. If you can stay away from slot machines, Las Vegas can be a very cheap holiday. But if there is some extra money, the show in this area is incredible.


The latest trend in vacation is to have a stay. This is where a person watches all the sights around the local town. Sounds boring, not true, here is a list of things that can be done near home:

• Participate in baseball or other sports competitions

• Visit a local zoo or amusement park

• Visit due to busy schedule You don't always go to relatives

• Picnic in the park

• Fishing, swimming and water activities in nearby lakes

•Museums and other tourist attractions

With careful planning, one can Perfect holiday and money. Just because the recession does not mean that not everyone needs a holiday. Through creativity, families can provide the perfect vacation.