3 tips for your trip or event

This article is for people who already have a TripAdvisor list and would like to know how to improve it quickly. I'm sure you've set it up, uploaded a photo of your trip or event, has the latest contact information, and maybe even a few comments. However, there are more steps you can take to actively promote your trip or event. Here are 3 tips for doing this:

Using widgets from TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor offers free widgets (basically, buttons that link to your profile). Usually, you put them on the home page of the site, but of course there are no clear rules. Put it on the page you visit the most (the most frequently viewed page when people log in on your site). Also be sure to place it on any online booking page to assure you of your reliability. If you are on a social media network, you can also put them there!

You can use these gadgets to query or link to comments and photos. There is also a work called "Certificate of Excellence" that shows how many stars you have.

Monitoring your comment

TripAdvisor is a great way to get real feedback from your customers. But sometimes, feedback may violate TripAdvisor's review guidelines (usually no). That's why you need to monitor your comments at any time – it's available to the public, and many travelers will see it! You can report violations directly to TripAdvisor and they will handle it for you. They have a strict fraud detection system to get rid of fake posts, but you need to remind them. The sooner the better!

If the post you see is definitely from a customer who is really dissatisfied, then you must definitely go back to them. You can reply to each comment as a management. You must handle it properly and communicate calmly. Remember, everyone is watching, you have the opportunity to turn this comment around to keep yourself in good shape – after all, no one wants you to be perfect. Have it (rather than digging your head in the sand) and tell them what you want to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Join their Spotlight Destination Program

The way to do this – you link to TripAdvisor from your home page, they give you a placement on their homepage, everyone is happy. But it is not open to anyone. You need to submit a query and they approve or reject it.

This app can't help you as a good backlink for SEO (which means it can't help you climb Google's search engine results page). It's just to increase traffic to your website.