Travel consultants are a "win-win" for travelers and businesses

When I went to Disney for a vacation about 6 years ago, I remember using Trip Advisor for the first time. The site is cluttered and comments are not very helpful. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that when I started working at a hotel company in Destin, Florida, I didn't pay much attention to this site. I started to notice that more and more travelers tell us how they use Trip Advisor to find restaurants, restaurants and accommodation. They read reviews and accept suggestions from other travelers, as if they were best friends or family members. I didn't waste any time and started analyzing how Trip Advisor works, so I can bring more business to our hotel. After weeks of conversations with other hotels and reading articles from other internet marketing professionals, I came to a simple conclusion… If you provide superior value and service, Trip Advisor will only make your company Benefit!

Take the comments seriously and make adjustments based on the opinions of the customers. I have to agree that Trip Advisor has a good ranking method that allows travelers to find a good way to find hotspots in a particular area. TripAdvisor's high rating may mean hundreds of new customers and increased revenue! Most hotels are automatically listed, but if you notice your restaurant, hotel or attraction is not listed, then you need to register and create your list for the next hour or so (it is also free!) very important.

Once listed, make sure you do something to increase your popularity index (which will increase your ranking).

1) Post a TripAdvisor widget for your business listing on your website and any other web pages, including Facebook and myspace. This will bring traffic to your Trip Advisor page and increase your popularity index.

2) Let your customers evaluate your business. Don't write your own comments. Due to false comments, I saw a list of #1 to #20 in a week. Trip Advisor knows that the list is fake and they will punish your business for this.

3) Add images, videos and content to make your Trip Advisor page stand out. You want people to stay in your listing for as long as possible.

4) Don't be frustrated with bad reviews. No matter how good your business is, you won't have any perfect reviews! If you receive a negative comment, please be sure to respond as soon as possible. As a manager, you can write a response to any negative comments about your business.