Advertise tips for your resort

One way is to track people's comments on your resort. Don't be afraid to participate in discussions when you find a place where people are talking about their upcoming vacation plans, or when they come back from vacation to review your resort.

For example, sites like Tripadvisor have a lot of people reviewing the resorts they have stayed at. It is great to see the people at the resort thank the guests for their positive comments. In addition, it may be beneficial to make a polite response to a current guest when writing a negative comment.

There are other forums where people talk about specific destinations. If the resort staff knows about the area, they can help build a good relationship by leaving tips on what to watch and do. Through each comment, they can leave your resort's name and website, which will help people get familiar with it.

Finally, some websites encourage resorts to be part of things by posting articles or abstracts or any other interesting information about their resorts. I am part of the luxury resort Bliss website and I am currently inviting the resort to do something like this and seeing the response is really great.

The resort can enter information about its resort and it becomes a page associated with a particular destination. For the future guests, it is very useful for us to see some human side in the resort and feel the character when choosing the place they want to go.

Best and worst cruise special class

It has been happening all the time. Someone spent thousands of dollars on the cruise, and then they couldn't sleep at night because the running sounds and chairs were scrapped on the deck above them, making them tossing and turning all night. To avoid disappointment with your cabin, we have compiled a list of the top 5 locations you might want to think twice before booking.

1. Under the Lido deck This is not always called Lido Deck on every boat, but will usually have a deck of swimming pool, buffet and other deck space. The trouble with setting up a cabin under the Lido deck is that there is usually an activity happening there, especially in the buffet area. You may hear jumps, chair scratches and running. This may last until 1 or 2 in the morning. Then at around 4 or 5 in the morning, the staff will be ready to go. If you are in the kitchen area, you may hear the crew open the stove and prepare a buffet breakfast. Cruise ships often hold deck parties on the Lido deck.

2. Close to the white space on the deck. The deck plan usually only shows the area of ​​interest for cruise passengers. What you can't see is the housekeeping service room. The staff only has elevators, laundry rooms and so on. Unless you know the contents of the blank areas on the deck, it is best to avoid them. In some cases, it may be a housekeeping service room. The cruiser was awakened early in the morning because the butler was preparing their supplies for the day. You can get in and out of the room and you can hear the door keep turning on and off.

3. In the lounge. The lounge that deserves attention is where the band can play and the passengers dance. Sometimes these routes run until after midnight. If you want to be quiet in the cabin just above the lounge, you might sing music and noise in the lounge below the room. When the Norwegian cruise company moved the spinnaker lounges on several of their ships to the stern of the No. 7 deck, the cabin above the No. 8 deck (used above a very quiet gift shop) has now passed a very popular The welcome lounge is very noisy after midnight.

4. Above or below the casino. Casinos cleverly use noise to attract customers and immerse them in gambling. Therefore, the volume of all these slot machines will rise, trying to attract you. The problem is, if you are in the special class above or below the casino, if you want to sleep, you don't want to be attracted. If you don't like to sleep, the sound of Las Vegas hits your mind and we will avoid booking a cabin near the casino.

5. At the fitness center. The fitness center usually starts watching activities at 5 in the morning. Although it is a good shape on a treadmill in the morning, it is not so good for those who try to sleep in a hut below the fitness center.

There are other areas to be aware of, such as near a gangway or other areas with a lot of traffic.

On the other hand, there are some good cabin locations that tend to lead to a better cruise experience. As long as the following special class does not meet any of the above criteria, you should go well. The first five best positions are as follows:

1. between other special classes. If your cabin is above it, there are special cabins below and around, then you are more likely to get a good experience in the cabin. This is not always a guarantee, as you may end up with a neighbor who likes to increase the volume of the TV. But usually other passengers around you also want to sleep, so they can enjoy the next day's activities.

2. at the stern. Aft cabins are often very popular because they provide a wonderful view of the stern and usually do not have many neighbors. You still need to know what is around your cabin. For example, on some princess ships, the stern cabin may be close to a loud vent and may also emit some unpleasant odor (check the blank area on the deck). In most cases, the aft cabin is popular and cruise customers like them.

3. Midship State Class. The Midship cabin on the upper deck often brings a better cruise experience. Since you are at a more central location that you want, this location makes it easier. Some ships are very large, and moving from one end of the ship to the other may give you more movement than you want. Also, since the elevator is sometimes very busy, if you have to use the stairs, this location means less stairs or stairs.

4. Extended balcony. Sometimes deck plans show them, sometimes they don't, but some cabins have larger balconies than others. Space is everything on the cruise, and this extra space can make your cruise experience better. Instead of sitting on a narrow balcony, these balconies have loungers that allow you to really stretch. Some of them are covered (affected by weather and wind) and some are open (large amounts of sunlight). Several carnival vessels marked extended balloons on the deck plan. On some Grand Princess ships, the last aft cabin on the port and starboard side of the emerald and dolphin deck has an enlarged balcony.

5. Hidden gems. There are many such cruise ships on the cruise ship, and a good cruise/travel society knows them. For example, the front sea view cabins on the upper deck of some celebrity ships, such as the Celebrity Summit, are much larger than the normal sea view, and the large portholes provide some wonderful views of the bow. On some smaller princess ships, such as the Dawn Princess, the sea view cabin in front of the Dolphin Deck offers a very large balcony sized window. On some carnival boats, such as the Carnival legend, some of the inner cabins on the main deck actually have French doors that allow a lot of light to enter, some of which actually see the lifeboat.

We can add more content. Because cruise ship designers only have a certain amount of space to use, they can sometimes showcase the special class very creatively. Studying the deck plan and studying the cabin pictures helps determine what is good and what is not so good, but the best way is to venture into the high seas and try different types of special classes.

How mobile interaction can be used to reshape the hotel industry

Smartphones have taken our attention all day. They have changed the nature of our interactions with the world around us, including the way we do business.

In terms of travel and hospitality spaces, mobile phones have dramatically changed their functionality, which is also beneficial to their consumers. Moreover, as expectations for mobile interactivity continue to increase, consumers are increasingly demanding the types of services they have at their fingertips.

Here are some statistics to help you understand the extent to which mobile devices penetrate the industry:

  • from
    TripAdvisor is the most popular mobile app in the travel industry, with more than 230 million downloads and 150 million monthly active users.
  • Between 2011 and 2015, mobile travel bookings increased by 1700%, from 1% to 18%. Online income.
  • 40% of tourism sales in 2017 came from mobile and is expected to reach 50% by 2021.
  • 88% of leisure travelers will switch to different apps or websites if you are not meeting their needs
  • More than 50% of travelers do not set a destination when planning a trip – and 60% will Search for their next trip on mobile devices
  • One of the three boarding passes will be sent via mobile phone in 2019
  • 66% of users prefer restaurants with reward programs, 78% of users will Use the mobile app when offering discounts.

The bottom line is that the move is here. In fact, it only takes up a more important position in the daily life of consumers, so fine-tuning most mobile devices to achieve most mobile devices is essential.

The hospitality industry has invested heavily in online marketing (about $6 billion in 2016) and used it to attract customers and drive conversions. However, online interactions that only use paid advertising are quickly losing their appeal.

More and more companies are re-examining their strategies and trying to integrate mobile experiences at every stage of the travel experience – from research to sharing about the journey and their stay at the hotel.

The role of mobile phones in the research phase

Earlier, your travel research did not necessarily involve surfing the web. After a short search on the web, you will call the travel agent and believe he can give you a discount on the entire "package".

These days travelers are proud of their own research skills and their ability to provide a good experience while also packing the best price for themselves. Many of their research has brought them to social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as user comment platforms like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.

This means you have to motivate existing customers to share their journey online. Sign-in, comment, share photos, use custom theme tags and compose blogs are popular strategies for inviting contributions.

But don't just leave it to the guests. The hotel should also actively participate in the creation and distribution of high quality content. Focus on value-driven things and let your potential customers think, " These guys seem to know what they are talking about while traveling, so I will check it out!" and don't forget to optimize on your smartphone Read the content because the lookup on the PC is so old-fashioned. In addition, work with experts, experts and influential people to enrich your content and give it credibility.

Now that you are creating valuable content, make sure it is discoverable on Google. Have a strong search engine optimization strategy so you can show it in popular search results. Also, get your hotel’s Google listings and maintain NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistency on platforms like Yelp, Yahoo, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor.

Virtual concierge service is even better. Guests can access this service via their mobile phone so they can view the hotel’s facilities, view local attractions and even view upgrade opportunities. You should take advantage of the power of video to provide them with online travel.

Arrival from reservation

There is always a time difference between guests booking time. The time they arrived at your hotel. This period is rarely used by companies, but there are some ideas that you can contact your guests and provide value-added services.

Communicate with your guests via their mobile phones, but will not be considered spam. Give them useful information about the area, introduce them to sightseeing options, and tell them about what’s happening around the hotel. If they like something, let them use their smartphone to book a seat.

You can even eliminate registration lines and other programs with the help of mobile apps. Guests can choose their own room, choose an additional service and enjoy a hassle-free check-in to better control their stay. Not only does this give your employees freedom in other aspects of the business, but they also get proactive Brownie points.

Hotel Lobby and Accommodation

People will ignore your lobby, because there is nothing to attract their interest except for ridiculous seating arrangements and horrific silence. You can change it and use this space to actually interact with the guest and use the phone.

SoftBank's humanoid robot Pepper is one of the innovations that really caught my attention. This kind of robot can guide customers to use the various mobile services you may have, and also paves the way for alliance services and programs.

Pepper can program to chat with customers, answer questions and give directions – it functions like Amazon's Alexa. However, with Pepper, there is a robot in front of the customer who can dance, look around, play music, light up, blush, and even take cool selfies with passers-by.

Pepper can even capture email addresses and phone numbers, and can be programmed to send customers messages with mobile app links, loyalty programs, and other things before and after hotel stays. With Pepper, you can capture the data you need to create a truly personalized experience for your guests, which is why most hotels are now optimistic about mobile.

Finally, your application

Maybe you want to know when we will do this because we cover everything else. We won't try to convince you why you need an app, but knowing that you have a mobile site is not enough. The app itself takes your customer engagement to the next level, and considering industry competition, you should take advantage of your mobile advantage as much as possible.

The ideal application should have the following characteristics:

  • from
    Ergonomic design, intuitive user interface
  • Carefully selected basic functions
  • Brand consistency
  • Cross-platform compatibility (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Convenient booking options
  • News – Local and industry Related [19659005] Backend Analysis
  • Photo Gallery / Virtual Tour
  • Plan
  • Loyalty Program Integration
  • Event Calendar
  • Flight Information, Weather Update, Vitality
  • Social Network Sharing Tips

As technology becomes more personalized and mobile, your participation in the hotel sector should not lag behind. While these suggestions are broad, consider implementing some, if not all, of these suggestions in order to see the improvement you've gained in your participation – personal experience is the best teacher.

Everything is finished, mobile interaction really allows you to interact with your guests in a personalized and more proactive way, which brings a miracle to your brand image. In addition, it can also make you surpass the chaos of competition, which sounds like a win-win for me!

Hawaiian Islands – the most popular holiday destination in the world

The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most visited travel and holiday destinations in the world. There are six major islands in Hawaii, including Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and one of the largest islands in Hawaii… often referred to as the Big Island. The Big Island of Hawaii is about the size of Connecticut and is the youngest island on the island, with an estimated 800,000 years of history.

When planning a Hawaiian vacation, more and more travelers choose to live in a private vacation rental house for comfort and price efficiency. However, whenever you choose a sea view hotel, a beach house or a cozy villa hidden in the Hawaiian countryside, you'll find that your Hawaiian vacation is refreshing and offers a variety of adventure, sightseeing, exploration and relaxation opportunities. You will also find that each Hawaiian Islands has its own unique personality.

Three beaches in Hawaii became the top 10 TripAdvisor in the United States: Oahu (#3) Kailua Beach Park for white sandy beaches. Kauai (#6) Tunnel Beach offers excellent snorkeling and great views. Oahu (#10) Waimea Bay Beach Park has crystal clear waters in summer. Having said that, make these award-winning locations a guide when planning your Hawaii vacation.

To fully appreciate Hawaii and its heritage, we encourage travelers to learn about Hawaii's history before (or during) a vacation in Hawaii.

In 1778, Captain James Cook landed on Kauai in Waimea Bay. To commemorate the Earl of the Sandwich, he named the island "The Sandwich Islands." Captain Cook is the person responsible for opening the West Gate. Sadly, he was killed a year later in Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii entered the league on August 21, 1959, making Hawaii the 50th state of the United States of America. This group of islands is formed by past and present volcanic activity. The Hawaiian Islands are 1,860 miles (3,000 km) from the nearest continent and are the most isolated group of islands on the planet. The entire Hawaiian Islands are 1,500 miles long, and the erosion of the oldest Hawaiian Islands has benefited the surface of the ocean due to millions of years of erosion.

The Hawaiian Islands are a beautiful paradise with a rich history, offering a variety of activities and sightseeing for travelers and holidaymakers. As many people already know, Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing and the infamous hula. Holidaymakers can take helicopters through steep cliffs and canyons, visit Pearl Harbor, watch the Missouri and Arizona Memorial, take surf lessons, outriggers or diving lessons, or enjoy the warm sunshine on the infamous Waikiki Beach. Hawaii has water sports, golf courses, museums, art galleries, shopping centers, zoos, aquariums and nightlife in the city centre. A hot spot for holidaymakers is the active Klauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, bringing an unforgettable helicopter adventure to your family.

Weather in the Hawaiian Islands
The warm, dry month of Hawaii is from April to October, during which the temperature range in Hawaii is 75-88 degrees Fahrenheit. The Hawaiian vacation in summer is a pleasant 68-80 degree. Some islands, such as Maui, are drier than other islands, and Kauai is the wettest island. The letter of the year spent a year of vacation.

How to get paid to fill out the survey

Consumer preference surveys have existed for many years. When the Internet emerged, investigators saw a way to investigate faster and cheaper. Today’s paid online surveys are the result and the reason why you can get paid by filling out an investigation.

The Internet saved investigators the cost of sending mail and sending investigators to the site to ask questions. But the problem quickly appeared. How do you get people to answer and fill in the survey questions? The solution is to make it worth a try by paying.

Today, there are more than 700 investigators in the United States alone and more than 3,000 investigators worldwide. Thousands of surveys are conducted every week, and thousands of survey participants receive PayPal accounts or mail check deposits every month.

Survey Savvy is one of more than 700 survey manufacturers in the United States, which publishes 20% of its annual online revenue to pay for survey participants. Another survey manufacturer, Greenfield Online, said that in 2006, more than $4,000,000 in survey participant fees were paid!

As you can see, paid surveys are an important business on the Internet, and there are many opportunities to get paid by filling out surveys. Most regular respondents report monthly imports of $200 to $600, and many reports import $1,000 or more per month.

To be a survey participant, you only need to be a consumer 18 years of age or older and have enough computer skills to be able to send and receive email. In addition, you will need to register your name and demographic data (age, gender, zip code, etc.) with a number of excellent investigators.

This is theoretically easy to do, but it is more difficult in practice because only about one in five (20%) survey providers provide reasonable paid online surveys that are timely, cash or equivalent. Pay. Another two-fifths (40%) of the surveys have lower incomes, but they are not worth it. The rest is wasting your time.

To find good and actually get paid, you need a good list of survey manufacturers to register. The best place to get such a list comes from the paid survey member site, which maintains such lists for its customers.

For additional information on how to get a good list and actually get paid to fill out the survey, please click on the link below

How London hotels respond to complaints

Even the best hotels sometimes mess up!

What sets the top hotels apart is the way they "restore" when something goes wrong.

Since there are many factors in the hotel, you may have a less than perfect stay. So, when something goes wrong, is it worthwhile to choose a hotel that does “do the right thing”? I did some in-depth research on London hotel and hotel brands to see which are the best processes for handling complaints. In most cases, I personally met with the hotel management to discuss this topic.

My findings are expected to help you choose the perfect London hotel.

The best hotels, such as The Lanesborough, Claridge's, The Grove, One Aldwych and Brown's, will naturally do their best to handle any complaints. In the room charge they charge, they must! The key principle followed by these luxury hotels is “deciding guests”. The management usually personally contacts the guests and tries to convince them to give the hotel another chance.

If you live in one of the top hotels, you should inform them of any problems during your stay. When you are still there, they usually try to fix it. If you lower a grade and look at four-star brands like Marmason, Maitres or Hilton, you will find them equally hardworking. The general manager of the hotel usually handles the complaint, but in some cases, you can also go to the head office to respond.

In many cases, complaints are used to improve the hotel and ensure that the problem is not repeated.

Sometimes even the CEO of a hotel company is personally involved. For example, Sir Rocco Forte (Rocco Forte Collection) and the CEOs of Myhotels, Millennium & Copthorne and Malmaison told me about their responsibility to solve the problem. CEO of another hotel group – Red Carnation Hotel Series – Tell me that they think their rare complaint is an opportunity to further improve their service.

He even invited customers with problems (no matter how small) to have dinner with him so that the company could learn and further optimize its products. There is no doubt that Red Carnation currently has an amazing 5 hotels in TripAdvisor's top ten hotels in London!

Please note that the above description represents the "elite" and the most expensive London hotel. There will definitely be some bigger horror stories in cheaper hotels. But I still hope this tells you that most leading London hoteliers must resolve your complaint.

In most cases, they really want to get things done. You can say that they have no choice in a highly competitive and costly hotel market like London. So if you have real complaints about hotel stays in London, please feel free to let us know!