How London hotels respond to complaints

Even the best hotels sometimes mess up!

What sets the top hotels apart is the way they "restore" when something goes wrong.

Since there are many factors in the hotel, you may have a less than perfect stay. So, when something goes wrong, is it worthwhile to choose a hotel that does “do the right thing”? I did some in-depth research on London hotel and hotel brands to see which are the best processes for handling complaints. In most cases, I personally met with the hotel management to discuss this topic.

My findings are expected to help you choose the perfect London hotel.

The best hotels, such as The Lanesborough, Claridge's, The Grove, One Aldwych and Brown's, will naturally do their best to handle any complaints. In the room charge they charge, they must! The key principle followed by these luxury hotels is “deciding guests”. The management usually personally contacts the guests and tries to convince them to give the hotel another chance.

If you live in one of the top hotels, you should inform them of any problems during your stay. When you are still there, they usually try to fix it. If you lower a grade and look at four-star brands like Marmason, Maitres or Hilton, you will find them equally hardworking. The general manager of the hotel usually handles the complaint, but in some cases, you can also go to the head office to respond.

In many cases, complaints are used to improve the hotel and ensure that the problem is not repeated.

Sometimes even the CEO of a hotel company is personally involved. For example, Sir Rocco Forte (Rocco Forte Collection) and the CEOs of Myhotels, Millennium & Copthorne and Malmaison told me about their responsibility to solve the problem. CEO of another hotel group – Red Carnation Hotel Series – Tell me that they think their rare complaint is an opportunity to further improve their service.

He even invited customers with problems (no matter how small) to have dinner with him so that the company could learn and further optimize its products. There is no doubt that Red Carnation currently has an amazing 5 hotels in TripAdvisor's top ten hotels in London!

Please note that the above description represents the "elite" and the most expensive London hotel. There will definitely be some bigger horror stories in cheaper hotels. But I still hope this tells you that most leading London hoteliers must resolve your complaint.

In most cases, they really want to get things done. You can say that they have no choice in a highly competitive and costly hotel market like London. So if you have real complaints about hotel stays in London, please feel free to let us know!