How to get paid to fill out the survey

Consumer preference surveys have existed for many years. When the Internet emerged, investigators saw a way to investigate faster and cheaper. Today’s paid online surveys are the result and the reason why you can get paid by filling out an investigation.

The Internet saved investigators the cost of sending mail and sending investigators to the site to ask questions. But the problem quickly appeared. How do you get people to answer and fill in the survey questions? The solution is to make it worth a try by paying.

Today, there are more than 700 investigators in the United States alone and more than 3,000 investigators worldwide. Thousands of surveys are conducted every week, and thousands of survey participants receive PayPal accounts or mail check deposits every month.

Survey Savvy is one of more than 700 survey manufacturers in the United States, which publishes 20% of its annual online revenue to pay for survey participants. Another survey manufacturer, Greenfield Online, said that in 2006, more than $4,000,000 in survey participant fees were paid!

As you can see, paid surveys are an important business on the Internet, and there are many opportunities to get paid by filling out surveys. Most regular respondents report monthly imports of $200 to $600, and many reports import $1,000 or more per month.

To be a survey participant, you only need to be a consumer 18 years of age or older and have enough computer skills to be able to send and receive email. In addition, you will need to register your name and demographic data (age, gender, zip code, etc.) with a number of excellent investigators.

This is theoretically easy to do, but it is more difficult in practice because only about one in five (20%) survey providers provide reasonable paid online surveys that are timely, cash or equivalent. Pay. Another two-fifths (40%) of the surveys have lower incomes, but they are not worth it. The rest is wasting your time.

To find good and actually get paid, you need a good list of survey manufacturers to register. The best place to get such a list comes from the paid survey member site, which maintains such lists for its customers.

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