What to do during your trip to Mauritius

Whenever people hear about the all-inclusive holiday in Mauritius, they immediately think that the newlyweds on vacation can enjoy this holiday. This is one thing people ignore in Mauritius; no matter how romantic this place is, it can be a versatile destination for all kinds of travelers. Whether you are traveling in a small group or traveling on your own, you can enjoy a lot of activities. In this article, we will learn about some of the attractions and activities that are being tried on the island.

Explore the beach and immerse yourself in the summer sun. The beautiful island of Mauritius is home to some of the best beaches in the world, such as Belle Mare Beach and La Cuvette Beach. How much time do you have to imagine sipping your favorite cocktail while sunbathing? The best place to live is this beautiful island! Pure water reflects the bluest sky. When you spend a day at the beach, this relaxing view awaits you. If you are on the extreme side, you can go to Mauritius & #39; with unusual sea sports such as deep sea fishing and kite surfing.

Enjoy natural and artificial wonders in Chamarel. One of the attractions of this village in the Rivière Noire district of Mauritius is the Seven Colored Earths, a small sand dune that displays seven different colors of the Earth. There are also several waterfalls in this village that will surely attract any visitors. If you want to get in touch with your fun side, you can visit Chamarel's Curious Corner, a fantasy house that will bring unconventional distortions and moments out of reality to your photos.

Taste your taste buds with delicious food from Mauritius. Their street food is actually a melting pot of all the delicacies you can think of – Chinese, Creole, Spanish, African and Indian. Their dishes are full of color and the taste is not disappointing. They are not difficult to find – you can even find some street food stalls near the beach. We recommend that you try their curry dishes, samosas, their roti version (usually stuffed with grois pois, or butter curry beans), or even pineapple sprinkled with chili salt!

Rent a car in the city of Mauritius to drive. If you have nothing to do (although we swear this is no doubt!) In Mauritius, drive directions to discover charming villas and other attractions. There are many car rental services in the city, so you can easily find the services you can use that day. There are amazing roads on the island, overlooking the sea, without the city traffic you are used to, it is easy to become a treatment. So if you find yourself having a free day during the all-inclusive holiday, then you know what to do.